Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hola Bonita.....
More pre-loved items coming !!!
U gonna LOV it. xO
-The Darlings-

Monday, April 13, 2009

Stuck in the Memory Land

So cute lil flowery dress

Darlings lov the button on the dress

Ribbon @ the back


RM 25

The Socialite in Black

The length is not too long.. 12 to 14 inch from ur feet

Fully pleat

Lace details at the neck

Chiffon material

Fits S - M

RM 35

Vintage High Waisted

Flaunt ur cuves honey!

Fits S - M

RM 25

Sequin Madness Part 1

Darlings lov the lovely color....

Sequin details at the neck line

Fits S - M

RM 20

Ribbon Polka Pleat Skirt

sooo adorable !!!

Fits xs-m
RM 20

Polka Shirts

Play mix and match with your high waisted skirt and Darlings Polka Dot Shirt. Don't forget the waist clincher to complete the look. U'll look cute !!!


Fits S - M

RM 25

Flirty Grey Top

Back View

Strictly for xs-s (very tight at the lower part)
RM 20